Now I know my ABC’s


Age: 33

Annoyance: the holier than thou types

Allergic: pennsylvania

Animal: my favorite muppet

Actor: was once my dream


Beer: only in a kiss

Best Friend: not counting my wife, LYZ 🙂

Best feeling in the world: when avery and delaney smile when we walk in the door

Best weather: cold and blustery

Been in love? so deeply

Been bitched out? daily

Been on stage? and miss it terribly

Believe in life on other planets? absolutely

Believe in miracles? I’m always thinking miracles

Believe in magic? certainly

Believe in God? we are not on speaking terms

Believe in Satan? no

Believe in ghosts? yes


Car: hate em.

Candy: can’t say no

Color: pink of course!!

Cried in school? of course

Chinese or Mexican food? hmmm…mexican

Cake or pie? pie or frostingless cake

Countries to visit: I want to take Jenn to Austria


Day or night? night!

Dream vehicle: one surrounded in bubble wrap

Dance in the rain? I’d love to thank you

Dance in the middle of the street? let’s go!


Eggs? great, now we are going to have to have eggs for dinner

Eyes: window to the soul

Everyone: has a story (stupid Kathie Lee)

Ever failed a class? many


First crush: Jason Harrison

First thought waking up: I swear someone changed the spelling of snooze

Food: bring it


Greatest fear: if I put it “on Paper” it might come true

Gum: only on road trips

Get along with parents? I do

Good luck charms: I have quite the collection, but they never seem to work


Hair color: soon-pink

Height: 5’8″

Happy? trying

Holidays? I have refounded my love for them

Health freak? far from it, but trying to work my way there


Ice cream: well, now I know what dessert is

Instrument: I reallllllly want a piano


Jewelry: everyday but Sunday

Job: kissing ass


Kids: Blue, Honeydew, and three other angels

Keep a journal? isn’t that what this is?


Longest car ride? Detroit to Rexburg

Love: flamingos

Laughed so hard you cried: one of my favorite pastimes

Love at first sight? most certainly


Milk flavor: chocolate

Movie: Gone with the Wind

Mooned anyone? not today

Marriage? awesome

Motion sickness? sigh, yes.


Number of siblings: 1 totally awesome little brother

Number of piercings: 4 holes, wanting more, not sure where to put it

Number: 34!!


Overused phrases: Dude

One wish: to have my blue back

One phobia: eight legged freaks


Place you’d like to live: Ponce de Leon

Pepsi or coke? I don’t care as long as it is in slushy form


Quail? hunted


Reason to cry: too many

Reality tv? can’t look away

Radio station: pandora

Roll your tongue in a circle? and a clover


Song? I can’t pick just one

Sushi? meh

Skipped school? high school, never. college…….

Slept outside? tent

Seen a dead body? touched one too

Skinny dipped? last night, in my dream, how did you know?

Shower daily? I prefer my skin on my body

Sing well? you just made me pee myself

Sing in the shower? give said the little stream, give oh give, give oh give

Swear? too much or not enough

Strawberries or blueberries? depends on what we are talking about

Scientists: better than Scientologists


Time for bed: When I can’t keep my eyes open to read anymore

Thunderstorms? bring it on


Unpredictable? not in the least

Under the influence: not often enough


Vegetable you hate: peas

Vegetable you love: most other than peas

Vacation spot: Florida


Weakness: food, A&D smiles

Which one of your friends acts the most like you? none, I wouldn’t hang around with me

Who makes you laugh the most? Jenn

Worst feeling: that I can’t help

Wanted to be a model? no, Miss America

Where do we go when we die? into nonbeing, which is to say everything

Worst weather: hazy hot and humid

Walk with a book on your head? how far


X-rays? teeth


Yellow: they call her mellow yellow


Zoo animals: FLAMINGO

Zodiac sign? I’m a Libra, but I recently learned that I’m probably not a Libra, but I refuse to find out cause I like being a Libra.


One thought on “Now I know my ABC’s

  1. Dude :), Say what? “I’m a Libra, but I recently learned that I’m probably not a Libra, but I refuse to find out cause I like being a Libra.”

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