Freebie Fettish Friday

So I’ve mentioned my new found love of wasting spending my time filling out forms to have freebies sent to my house (and Lyz’s and Joni’s). I went through a pile of stuff that had piled up next to my bed and took some pictures. It makes me feel a little pathetic.

This picture does not even begin to show 1/3 of the stuff we have gotten. I joke that we will never have to buy toothpaste again. Some of the things crack me up. Like tobacco-type-stuff for a hookah. I don’t own a hookah. There is some ph balanced feminine um, I’m not sure what lol.
Closer pictures:

See the toy car, lego type thing? I actually spent all day on that one. The website was so over busy that I just sat around hitting refresh over and over and over again. I may have cheered out loud when it came in the mail!!!
I heart my funny free stuff. Jenn says her favorite freebie so far has been the box of Hamburger Helper. I banned such things a few years back, but since it came free, I won’t deny her the sodium filled disgustingness awesomeness.

Lyz’s favorite freebies are Just Dance 2, a Wii game that she got through HouseParty (I highly recommend signing up for if you are at all interested in freebies. Other great Freebies from them? $75 McDonald’s gift card, Just Dance 1, a TON of Ziploc stuff, Digiorno pizzas, Boboli pizzas, lots and lots of condoms, razors, too many other things to list!). The other came from a survey site. It is a survey site that pays you $3 per survey, they take just a few moments and then you get a check! Occasionally they send you things to try, FOR FREE and then you fill out another survey and rate it. I cannot divulge the freebie she loves from them, because the survey site forbids it. And I like the checks, and the freebies, so I shall not piss them off.

My favorite freebies?? First came this bag:

And inside??? It seems I won some drawing from my birthday!

Missing from the picture is some deodorant (which is on my bathroom counter) and some body wash (that Jenn has already moved into the shower).

Then today came another cool freebie:

And inside?

A piece of fruit!! How much fun is that??


6 thoughts on “Freebie Fettish Friday

  1. I tried to get that toy car! Of course, I gave up after two times. XD

    Holy crap, woman. I’m impressed. I need to learn your ways.

  2. do i really have to invite people over and have a party about razors? and if i do would you come?

  3. holy hell. im beyond impressed. what is this survey website you mentioned? wait…dont answer that question, i really dont need more time-sucking internet hobbies!

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