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Barb asked:
I can only assume both you and Jen’s parents are Mormon. Do Mormon parents embrace you guys?

I’ll start by saying that the “Mormons” prefer to be called LDS. The official church name is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and they shorten that to LDS.

I would say that both sets of parents were HIGHLY shocked when they found out. I would say the dads came around first. My dad still got a child-in-law that loves sports and can have a much better sports conversation than I can. Jenn’s dad knew me for years and years before they knew about Jenn and I.

The moms took it a little harder. Both have come around spectacularly. I think the big change for my mom came when her mom passed away. Jenn played security and I think that helped my mom accept her into the family. Jenn’s mom just needed some time. I don’t want to go too much further into the details of it all and their time of acceptance because that would be their story to tell, not mine 🙂

An Offering of Love said:
I’d love to hear more about your college days at BYU if you are looking for other nablopomo posts!

Ahhhh. Life at BYU Idaho. Of course it was called Ricks when we were there. Once Jenn and I became friends (and I will point out that we were friends for almost 6 months before our relationship progressed) we were pretty much inseparable. There were no classes from 1-2 each day because they did daily devotionals. Jenn and her roommates got me addicted to Days of our Lives during this time. I still watch when I am home.

What do you do for fun? Well they set up lots and lots of chances for you to find Mr. Right. My favorite was the Cinderella ball. They came door to door asking for one shoe from each girl and passed them out at the boys apartment complex. Then the boys had to go door to door and find their Cinderella. My Prince Charming was a 32 year old. Big fun. I basically ran away from him after the first dance at the ball.

Or you can drive into Idaho Falls and either watch unedited movies (what Jenn and I call our “First Date” we went and saw Hackers) or go into the ToysRUs and play the video games they have on display.

My absolute favorite thing in Rexburg? Taco Time. They had the world’s best taco salads and empanadas. I could have eaten there every single night.

My roommates grew on me. Jenn’s roommates were a lot of fun, more “my style” in terms of goody-two-shoeness.

That would be a quick overview. If there are more specific questions anyone has I would be happy to answer those too 🙂

I do have one more question to answer, but need to interview Jenn first, so stay tuned for that one 🙂


4 thoughts on “More Answers

  1. 2 questions for you.
    1. Of the nicknames/terms of endearment that you have for each other, what is your favorite? Both that Jenn calls you and that you call her?


    2. I’m totally intrigued by the Gone With the Wind book you keep referring to. Is it good enough that I should track it down at my library? If so, who is the author?

  2. Very interesting! For as long as I’ve been reading here, I never knew how you two met.

    The story about the Cinderella ball was too funny. Most people have great stories about college – mine are more like that!!

  3. The Cinderella Ball thing is hilarious. My highschool honors program had a set up dinner thing with the other area schools where we had to have actual ‘dance cards’ filled out and such and had a set up date for the night. At my first one my date’s first two questions were, “So do you smoke pot?” (my answer was no)followed by, “Do you want to try?” Gotta love a set up.

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