Who ya gonna call??

Ghost Hunters!!

Yes, it has taken me almost three weeks to post about this. I shall use the excuse that I was waiting for NaBloPoMo so that I would have plenty of blog fodder for the 30 days. (I failed last year, I WILL NOT FAIL THIS YEAR!!)

On Monday I had received my weekly “Things to do in Amish Country This Week” email. I typically don’t open the email. I just roll my eyes and delete it. This week I opened it and I am so glad I did. The very first thing listed: Jason and Grant from Ghost Hunters are coming to the area to do a lecture. In case you were not aware of this, my wife happens to have a serious ghost hunting fetish. I swear there are 30 shows on our dvr list about ghost hunting. She watched 7 hours of live ghost hunting on Halloween, a tradition of hers for the last 7 or 8 years. She begs for ghost hunting equipment for her birthday and for Christmas. I knew this would make her month. Jason and Grant are the founders of TAPS (The Atlantic Paranormal Society).

So I bought two tickets. The last two tickets. It was a total sign. And on October 15, after we released our balloons we climbed into the car and drove to York. And, because this is us we are talking about, we got lost. Jenn was all in a panic. She didn’t want to miss a single moment of the lecture. She didn’t have to worry. We got there right at 7:30pm to find EVERYONE standing around outside the theater. No one had been let in yet. There were technical difficulties and the show may not actually happen.

WHAT?? There were tears in Jenn’s eyes. She won’t admit it, but there were. Thankfully at about 8:15 they got everything figured on so the show could go on.

It was awesome. Now, don’t think I put down Jenn’s ghost hunting obsession. I believe. I do. While I may not be as in to it as Jenn is, I do believe and think it is all very interesting. Jason and Grant also happen to be my two favorites out of all of the ghost hunting shows. They debunk things. They will look for a million other things that could have made that sound or that shadow and try to say it isn’t a ghost. And that makes them a million times more credible that some of the other freaks Jenn watches. (Thank goodness she outgrew Most Haunted and Derek Acorah-he drove me insane!)

Jason and Grant were absolutley hysterical!! I laughed, I had the crap scared out of me, it was just awesome.

They started the night by doing case studies to see if we agreed with the conclusion they came up with. My favorite went like this:

Case 1:
-Client claims his dog barks at ghosts in one corner of the bedrooms.
-Client’s dog will not go in the basement.
-Client hears things moving in the attic.
-TAPS experiences all of this.
-TAPS got the OK to open up the ceiling and were visciously attacked by three chipmunks.

They talked about the different types of hauntings. They talked about different tools for measuring hauntings. Jenn pointed out that the mentioned the number one tool every ghost hunter should have is a digital voice recorder, guess I know what I have to get her for Christmas!!

They talked about the tv show mentioning that it takes 9 days for them to shoot one episode. They take 9 days to do a full investigation and SyFy edits it down to 42 minutes. Wow. They also said that less than 10% of their investigations actually ever make it on air. That a lot of the people they do investigations for don’t want the tv cameras there.

And then they showed some of their own footage from these investigations. There was one involving a pool gate that totally blew my mind.

A few pictures:

(St. Augustine’s Lighthouse is my favorite episode ever. One of these years while we are in Florida we are so going to go there!)

Now Jenn won’t stop talking about going on a hunt with Jason and Grant. I mean heck, it is only $450.00 for the two of us, no biggie, right? Ha. She may have to settle for a subscription to the magazine for now 🙂


3 thoughts on “Who ya gonna call??

  1. Oh wow, that is so cool! We have a friend who sounds a lot like Jenn and is OBSESSED with ghost hunting shows and wants the equipment so she can hunt too. It’s great that you enjoy Jenn’s obsession, as our friend’s girlfriend does not share hers.

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