Trick or Treat!

This year Trick-or-Treat was even more fun because it was on Avery’s 5th birthday!!!

We had 9 adults and 3 children for our Trick-or-Treating. We made up quite the gang!!
Chris and his Dad:

I wore my Sorting Hat and Aragog:

Jenn was a modern vegetarian vampire that sparkles:

Avery was a Batterina and Delaney a witch:

Even Muffin got in on the dressing up action:

Delaney wasn’t all that interested in Ick or EE. She would go up to a house and get her candy, then sit in the wagon and eat it. Or, she would play in all of the piles of leaves:

And Avery thought it sounded so fun she joined her:

After we finished Ick or Eee-ing, we went home to eat cake and unwrap presents!!
For Delaney’s birthday I am going to frost a box for her:

Happy Birthday My Avery-Bavery-Boo!!!


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