I spend about an hour each day combing the internet for various freebies via mail. I lots of fun doing it. I’ve had some pretty awesome things show up in my mailbox from clothes to food, beer mugs, coffee thermos’s, make up and lots and lots of toothpaste.

My mailman is starting to get a little ticked off. Mail is shoved in our box all bent up and folded. Oh well.
Here is what an average day of mail looks like:

On very special days something wonderful like this may arrive:

MMmmmmm cookies from Mrs. Fields!!


I have been craving Eggs Benedict. We don’t normally get the chance to go out to breakfast and very few places offer it as a dinner option. So, I made it myself:

And it was very very good.


Friday I sat at work all day bouncing in my chair waiting to hear (I guess read via text would be more appropriate?) the wonderful words “We’re Home!” It seemed to take forever! When my dearest CLAD finally made it home we flew over to their house to smoosh them and go out to eat with them. If you are thinking Jeeze Heidi, it isn’t like you won’t see them again and again over the next few days, well no, no I won’t. I had less than 48 hours of CLAD. I had to get my fix.
Pictures from dinner:

Scary Stuff:

Saturday night we went to Field of Screams with Chris and Lyz, and met up with Duck, Dawn and Dawn’s parents. Another wonderful freebie that I get from The Hotel. We had a yummy dinner, killer brownies and screamed and laughed a lot. I wish I would have thought to count how many times Dawn screamed “Dammit! Don’t touch me!” During the hayride I asked Lyz if she needed her hay changed. Lyz seemed to think that if she didn’t make eye contact with any of the cast members that they wouldn’t bother her. Unfortunately, Chris was pointing her out to the cast members. I haven’t heard Jenn’s real giddy laugh in awhile (when there wasn’t alcohol involved.) It was a blast!
Invitation (complete with instructions on how to warm the blood to 98.6 degrees!):

Yummy Brownies:

The CLAD’s new addition:

When we left CLAD’s house Saturday night we brought home a visitor. Meet Muffin.

Okay, so her name isn’t Muffin. But that is what I call her, so she will henceforth be known as Muffin on the blog. Her real name is Rylee. She is 4 pounds of pure energy and she is staying with us while CLAD+J is in Florida (visiting Harry Potter, aren’t you jealous!! I am. Jenn finds the most inopportune times to find a job doesn’t she??) Muffin runs around the house non-stop until about 9:30 at night when she simply flomps out. You can’t move her. She won’t wake up or acknowledge you or anything. The first night I was certain she was dead. I thought that I must have dropped medication on the floor and she must have found it and eaten it because the flomp was astounding.

When Muffin is awake, she likes Jenn best. When she is tired or sleeping, she likes me best. Her favorite places to be on me?
My chest:

Or sleeping on my fat roll:

She chews on everything in sight. If she is on the bed, where her bed is, she gets so happy with herself to drag something into her bed to chew. The remote, my phone, my hand, a random box, or her favorite: Stealing Minne’s toy:

Behold the awesome power of the flomp:


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