Drumroll please………….

I have answers. But first I must say in my pouty whiny voice while stomping my foot (people who know me in real life are so nodding their heads that they know exactly what sounds/posture I am making)


Question #1:

Please pretend you are in your car. You are waiting to pull out of your favorite store’s parking lot. Traffic is impossible. You wait ever so patiently for a brief pause in the traffic so that you can pull out. Finally someone slows and waves you out in front of them. Please act out what you do.

The Correct Answer:

You hold your hand open, palm towards the driver and close your hand one finger at a time, starting with your pointer finger, in a fan lick motion. If my camera had a battery I would totally be recording the proper way to teach you all for future reference. While you are doing the hand motion, in a sweet and somewhat squeeky voice you will say “Thank you!”

The only other correct way is to do thank you in sign language.

The INcorrect Answer (also known as the way everyone else in the free world does it):

A quick one hand salute while mouthing or saying thank you in a normal voice.

Question #2:

Please pretend you are playing pretend with a young child. Young child is hosting a party and hands you a piece of cake. It is your favorite kind of cake. Please act out eating the cake.

The Correct Answer:

You politely take the pretend piece of cake from your hostess and while holding the plate with the cake on in on your left hand, use your fork to feed yourself cake polite bite by polite bite. Don’t forget the pretend napkin on your lap to wipe the corners of your mouth with upon occasion.

The INcorrect Answer (also known as the way everyone else in the free world does it):

Eat it like its a cupcake.

The above has been brought to you by the fact that certain people in my life find it fun to make fun of me for doing things the CORRECT way. So what if when I sign “thank you” to people may make them think that I am blowing them a kiss?? So what if I dirty the pretend plate and fork???


(I know at least Mrs. Spit will agree with me. A lady always eats her cake with a plate and fork. Right?)


2 thoughts on “Drumroll please………….

  1. I must say, as I read your answer, it never occurred to me that the child wouldn’t have given you the cake on a plate, with a fork. Isn’t that how you serve cake? On a plate, with a fork?

    How else would you eat it?

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