Pop Quiz!!!

I am going to ask you two take a two question quiz. There will be two questions, and they are going to require you to act the answers out. I will then ask you to please answer the way you act out the answers in the comments, or at least keep your answer in your head. I know, you are totally either a.) Rolling your eyes or b.) Already laughing because you know how crazy I am and you can’t wait to read what craziness I am about to sentence you too. My answers (and explanation of my craziness) will come tomorrow.

Question #1:

Please pretend you are in your car. You are waiting to pull out of your favorite store’s parking lot. Traffic is impossible. You wait ever so patiently for a brief pause in the traffic so that you can pull out. Finally someone slows and waves you out in front of them. Please act out what you do.
(I’m hoping that you are a kind and thoughtful person and make some kind of waving motion. Please remember the type of waving motion you just acted out.)

Question #2:

Please pretend you are playing pretend with a young child. Young child is hosting a party and hands you a piece of cake. It is your favorite kind of cake. Please act out eating the cake.

Thank you in advance for your participation.


5 thoughts on “Pop Quiz!!!

  1. Jenn S., Life 101, Pd. 1, Tuesday Sept 14.

    Quiz 1.
    Question 1:

    Question 2:
    *masticates slowly* while Mmmm’ing her way through and smiling. Then realizing that all the crumbles have collected on her bosom, politely dusts them off. Ask for another piece of cake, sips tea out of cup that’s entirely too small to a) hold anything but about 3ml of water and b) to actually hold by the handle.

    Do I get extra credit for using “masticates”?

  2. 1 – I give the nod and raised hand to thank them. Not an actual wave, just a hand up.

    2 – Lots of mmmmmmming and pretend chewing.

  3. 1 – I do the hand up to thank/acknowledge as well, with or without a head nod.

    2 – Mmmming and fake chewing here, too. Depending on how much energy for fake play I have (it’s my least favorite *g*) I’ll take a bite and do all that and say “mmm, thank you, you finish the rest!” or something like that.

  4. 1 – head nod and hand up acknowledgment. Most often accompanied by a mouthed thank you that is actually a whispered thank you just because I can’t not say it out loud, followed by a slightly shocked expression as I hear my own voice because I really didn’t mean to say it out loud.

    2 – head to the side, big bite, wide eyes, chewing motions and smiley yummy face.

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