Dear WordPress:

Twice today my blog has disappeared from the interwebs. Both times bring tears to my eyes, and causing major panic issues.

I get stressed quickly and easy over even little things. Seeing my life basically disappear today was not pleasant at all.

Please don’t let that happen again.

A blogger about life, not advertisements or pyramid schemes.


2 thoughts on “Dear WordPress:

  1. Dear wordpress
    Please do not dissapear dear heidi’s blog ever again. And as for the suggestions of bad behaviour, come on… Do you know this gal? Provocative, funny, entertaining–yes, yes, and yes. But a violater of sacred blog-land rules? Certainly not. Perhaps you should re-foucs your search and catch some of the sexist, homophobic, bloggage out there and leave our heidi alone. or we”l sick a herd of flamingos on you, and you won’t KNOW what hit you! Just saying.

    Signed, me.

  2. ROTFLMAO that was too cute of a comment!! Heidi, I’m glad you got your blog back, and hope they don’t take it away again!

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