Labor Day Fun

After Chris and I were done Laboring for the day we all met up at CLAD’s for some fun. We had a wonderful dinner of grilled pork chops, bbq chicken, hot dogs, baked beans, potato salad, and all the other yummy stuff. Avery and Delaney entertained us all with their running through the sprinklers and general sisterly fun.

After everything and everyone was all cleaned up, we gathered our dessert (Joni’s delectable apple crisp) and met around the fire pit.

I love the fire pit.

We talked and laughed and awwwwed at how cute Avery and Delaney are. Lyz has several Dora shows saved on her phone. At one point Avery was playing a game on the phone and Delaney saw she had it. She pulled her chair up to Avery and said “YaYa!! Dorahhhhhh???” In the sweetest little voice ever!!

Just a few pics:


One thought on “Labor Day Fun

  1. “But I wasn’t sure what you were teaching Avery as I know Catholics do not believe in evolution.” If you think “catholics” don’t believe in evolution, you “don’t” want to know what they believe about lesbians.

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