Particularly Nasty.

I had my followup appointment with my surgeon on Wednesday. The doctor seemed proud to tell me that I had one of the worst gallbladders he had ever seen, it was particularly nasty. He was surprised that I had not ended up in the hospital sooner.

This would explain why I am still having some pain under my right breast. All of the stuff that surrounds the gallbladder was irritated because the gallbladder was so nasty.

I joked with Jenn that I really like the phrase particularly nasty, so much that I may get it tattooed on the inside of my wrist. (Don’t panic mom and dad, I’m kidding. Mostly)

Lyz had her followup appointment on Thursday and the doctor said everything looked good. This is not to say that all of our cancer woes are gone. While Lyz kicked cancer’s ass, her father-in-law could use all the cancer ass-kicking vibes you can send.

Delmar is such a kind and wonderful man. When I first met him he frightened me. As the years have progressed I have grown to love him more and more. Spending tons of time with him at the Christmas tree farm this year really cemented him into my heart.

I don’t like to be touched, especially by boys. I am big on personal space. I am all about a good hug from one of my closest friends and family. But if I don’t know you inside and out, or you are a boy, I’m standoffish. One day in the tree farm office Chris was giving me a hard time about it. I happened to be sitting next to Delmar who reached over and put his hand on my thigh with the biggest goofiest smile I have ever seen. At first I was too shocked to even complain, then his laughter became contagious. I hopped off my chair with the heebie jeebies and laughed with him. In the days following he would walk up close to me and reach out an arm, just to see me react.

So, now that we’ve got Lyz better, I’ve started focusing all the strength I can muster and passing it on to Delmar, if you could spare a thought/prayer/wish or two, we’d appropriate it.

p.s.-I’m wearing real pants today. No more elastic waistbands for me!! (The incisions are still a little sore, but I just can’t stand the elastic anymore!!)


2 thoughts on “Particularly Nasty.

  1. When I saw your post title I thought “I like that title” hahahaha
    So glad you and Lyz are doing well!

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