Did ya miss me? Part 1.

Well, keep that up because part of me is still missing.

**Cliff Notes: I had my gallbladder removed via emergency surgery.  I’m much better, still healing, concerned that my gallbladder may have held my desire to write as I seem to have lost it.  This will be the first part of the semi-long story.  You do not need to read it all, but I need to journal it all.**

About a month ago I was oh so rudely awoken around 3am with a horrible pain in my back. I’m a total tummy sleeper, so I figured I had just been laying wrong and flipped myself over to stretch it out so I could go back to sleep. Wrong.

The horrible pain had moved to my chest! How dare it move around. Here I was trying to make it all better and it decided it wasn’t having any of that. After flopping and flipping and moaning and bitching for about an hour, I woke Jenn up so there would be someone to listen to me whine (if a girl whines in a bedroom and there is no one awake to hear it…). After another hour or so Jenn had enough and headed to the grocery store to purchase various gas relieving aids, since we both assumed this was the absolute worst case of heartburn ever. With a tummy filled with GasX, Tums, and my precious oxy, I passed out from exhaustion curled up in a ball and went to sleep, forgetting all about the horrible pain, but blaming the delicious Coke I had drank with dinner.

Fast forward to Wednesday, July 28.  Chris had a softball double header.  It was very hot.  Jenn and Lyz were having a spat.  It was very hot.  All I wanted in the world was a slushie, since it was very hot.  After Chris’s game we stopped by the local gas station and picked me up a Coke slushie.  You know where this is going right?

By 9:30 I asked Jenn for some Tums.  10:15 I asked for GasX.  10:45pm Jenn asked me if this pain was like last time.  No, not quite, I’m okay.  By 11:15 I was walking around in circles begging to die.  I had done hiney stands (standing on my hands and feet with my hiney in the air) praying that the gas would just float up to the top and out.  I had done my  full share of whining and it was slowly progressing towards tears.  I laid my head on Jenn’s lap and said “Um, yeah, this is just like last time…but worse.”

I decided to head to the bathroom because maybe sitting on the toilet would give the gas a clue which way to head.  As I crossed the threshold into the toilet someone whispered in my hear “gallbladder”.  Nah.  Can’t be.  That wouldn’t happen to me.  I sat on the toilet for 5 minutes shaking in pain and finally crawled back onto the bed where I begged Jenn to Google Gallbladder attacks.

BINGO.  I had every.single.symptom they offered up.  Pain radiating from front to back, gassy feeling, constipation, etc.  Jenn says alright, lets head to the emergency room.  No.  I don’t want to.  Jenn glared.  Five minutes passed and I had another horrible pain fit and I agreed to at least call the on call doctor.  Jenn made me promise that if he said go to the er I would go to the er.  Fine.  Whatever.  Give me drugs please?

On call doctor hears my symptoms and apparently had already taken all of my drugs.  He doesn’t hear gallbladder.  No, he decides I have a collapsed lung, go to the er.

Jenn doesn’t care that his diagnosis is so obviously wrong, he said go to er, I promised if he said go to er I would go to er, so…off we go to the er.


6 thoughts on “Did ya miss me? Part 1.

  1. I was wondering what had happened to you! You were totally missed– and I am so glad that you are ok! I don’t know if you are still in the hospital, but I hope that you are recouping alrigt… Hugs from here!

  2. I have had this pain, too… my doctors told me while I was pregnant that likely within six months of birth, my gall bladder would need to come out. I’m biding my time…

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