Deep Thoughts, by Heidi Mingo

I’m currently reading two books, at the same time. This is not normally something I do. It isn’t because I can’t, I can totally keep two plots separate, it is because one is too deep so I need the other for some occasional fluff.

So I guess I’ll start by thanking Amy. I first met Amy out in Idaho. I like to introduce her to people as “the girl who once made me think I was going to get arrested in the back of a pickup truck.” Jenn has been doing odd jobs at Amy’s family’s house this Summer for some extra income. Amy sent home with Jenn a copy of Tori Spelling’s book sTORI Telling. At the time I was out of books to read, having finished two new vampire dramas and a book about kids with wings, so I picked up the book and read it. In 4 hours. It isn’t by any means a moving autobiography, but it was a great read. Quite entertaining and slightly eye opening.

So when Jenn took me to the bookstore the other day (to celebrate the unemployment extension going through) I saw Tori’s second book Mommywood in the discount bin. Picked it up right away. I also picked up Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert.

When we got home I picked up Eat Pray Love first. I figured with all of the vampire/werewolf/kids with wings books I had been reading, I should start with the more thought provoking book I had purchased. Yes, I realize that I am way behind the times and that every single book club in America has already devoted many a night to reading and discussing this book. It is even a motion picture now. But it just arrived in the discount bin ya’ll. I made it through about 8 beads/tales/chapters, and had to put it down. I was crying on the inside. Gilbert had already said so many things that had hit home and made me pause to think about me, who I am, who I was, and who I REALLY want to be.

Now I’m not typically a mainstream reader. Yes, I adore Harry Potter, Twilight and the Southern Vampire Series (and now add in the kids with wings series), but I always put off reading them because I didn’t want to become another number in the herd of cattle. Same with books like Eat Pray Love (such as all The Girl With______books, and anything Oprah tells us to read, although I have read Anna Karenina) But I didn’t start reading any of these books until years after everyone was done talking about them. I joined all the bandwagons late so to say.

Now I totally wish I would have read Eat Pray Love while everyone else had. I kinda want to talk about it. But it is going to take me forever to read it. I read a few beads/tales/chapters and then I go back to Mommywood. It is just too much to take in all at once. In fact, before I really talk to anyone about it I want to finish it not once, but twice. I plan on going back with a highlighter and making and taking notes to the lines that scream out to me the loudest.

I’ve been telling Jenn I want a meditation corner since we moved. I have a feeling that Eat Pray Love is going to actually make that happen.

(and I still have the song from the title of my last post stuck in my head, I think it is going to drive Jenn insane here shortly)


4 thoughts on “Deep Thoughts, by Heidi Mingo

  1. B is re-reading Eat, Pray, Love with a hilighter. I have yet to read it the first time. I am like you, in I do nt like to be part of the crowd to read books. However, I did love the HP books and the Twilight books.
    I hope all is well with the gallbladder stuff. I’m praying for you.

  2. I haven’t read “Eat, Pray, Love” yet either, though someone recently recommended it to me. Now I’m going to have to go get it. I’m totally open to discussing it soon!


  3. I know just where you’re coming from!! I just read The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo because I found it in the bargain bin and couldn’t find anything else to buy. I was like, “All right, FINE. I’ll read it!!” I can’t tell you how many times I’ve picked up Eat, Pray, Love but haven’t read it yet.

    I’m moving it to the top of my list . . .

  4. I, too, would love to discuss Eat, Pray, Love via virtual book club. If anyone decides to do this, I’m in.

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