Baylee Rain

Dearest Baylee,

From the moment I met your daddy I knew that he wanted you. He always talked about wanting a Rottweiler. When I got to meet you I was so happy for him! Your mommy told me all about how when they brought you home you fit into her hand. Now you are a big, strong, beautiful dog who loves her family more than anything.
Baylee's Party 7/12/10
We celebrated your birthday yesterday. You are now 7 years old!! We even made sure you had your own cake, and you quite obviously enjoyed it!

Us humans shared a cake with you also.

The rest of the even was spent snuggling with you, petting you, and telling you over and over again how much you are loved. Even through all of your pain you jumped up to make sure that Jenn wasn’t hurting Avery while they were play fighting.

I’ve loved every minute of knowing you. Thank you so much for being such a wonderful companion to CLAD. They all love you so much. You are going to be so missed. I’m going to miss your big butt when you aren’t there to sit on my. I’ll miss sharing my dinner with you under the table. I’m even going to miss all of your fur all over me.

Please know that letting you go was not an easy decision for your mommy and daddy. They are in so much pain having to let you go, but know that your pain is greater.

See how much they love you:
Baylee's Party 7/12/10

We miss you. We all love you. Rest peacefully Baylee.
Baylee's Party 7/12/10


4 thoughts on “Baylee Rain

  1. Oh Heidi, tears for you all. My heart goes out to CLAD as they learn to live their lives without Baylee. She was so obviously loved and adored, and no animal can ask for more than that.

  2. Thank-you, my heart hurts so much right now, I wish I could wake up in a month and have the pain be gone… Love you

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