Roaaarrrrr (translated to Wow)

Wednesday evening we met up with CLAD+J for dinner and then off to a surprise. Chris gave her one little clue…it is the outside, but inside. Avery and I spent all of dinner guessing what it could be.

When we got to our destination and were seated Avery and I looked at the “stage”:

I decided we were in a shark’s tummy. Avery decided we were in a dinosaur’s tummy. Avery was proven right as from backstage we started to hear growling and roaring.

The look on her face as life size and oh so realistic looking dinosaurs started to walk around was so very priceless.

The very first scene involved some cute little baby dinosaurs hatching from their eggs (awwww) and then becoming dinner.
Momma came to protect the rescue though:

A few pictures:
Walking with the Dinosaurs 7/7/10

Avery is so stinking smart it kills me. She was even correcting the narrator at one time because she didn’t think they gave the allosaurus a long enough neck.
I interviewed her during the intermission:

Here is another video of one of my favorite parts. Momma T-Rex had just saved baby T-Rex from a stegosaurus and a triceratops.

We highly recommend this show if it is coming to your area. I wish my video of the T-Rex could really make you feel what it was like having his roar rattle through your body. AMAZING!!!


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