Rough week in CLADville

As I mentioned yesterday, Joni spent most of last week in the hospital. She had been having a lot of pain in her hip, and last week it simply got to be too much. A x-ray made her doctor send her right into the hospital. After a MRI it was shown that Joni has a crushed vertebrae. They gave her a shot in her back that seems to be helping a great deal. Hopefully this is the ticket, if not, we are looking at surgery for our Baam.

Baylee is CLAD’s beloved 7 year old Rotweiller.

She is a totally awesome dog. Loves to have Delaney crawl all over her. Waits patiently for food to fall from the table. Loves to eat the fireworks for the 4th of July!

When CLAD picked her up from the kennel on Monday, she was hardly walking. Baylee already has some arthritis in her hips, and now she was putting even less weight on her back leg. Lyz took her to the vet yesterday morning and found that Baylee has a large cancerous tumor in her bones. Baylee will be very very spoiled for the next two months. She is on pain medication, and a strict diet of what ever she wants to make her time left with all of us perfect.

Last year I asked for warm thoughts for Chris’s dad Delmar as he was diagnosed with bladder cancer. Yesterday Chris got the call that Delmar has a large tumor in his leg bone. It has not been 100% determined that it is cancer, but in all likelihood…

Please send lots of love and healing wishes to my dearest CLAD, Joni, Delmar and Baylee. This has not been a good week.


2 thoughts on “Rough week in CLADville

  1. Sorry it’s been such a rough week. I hope Joni continues to feel better and that Delmar and Baylee have had such serious health blows. I am holding them in my thoughts.

  2. Lots of love to you and everyone in CLADville. You are in my heart and thoughts . . .

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