My favorite ointments

In my head I may or may not refer to Avery and Delaney as the ointments. Why? First, their names are A&D. Second, because they heal all sorts of pains ❤

Thursday afternoon they were dropped off at our house with a semi-truck full of fun stuff!! They were all ours until Sunday morning. (No, Lyz and Chris don't rent their kids out on weekends, they were taking a mom&dad only vacation and we volunteered to play with the ointments)

Did we ever have fun? Thursday night we went to Jenn's softball game. We played on the playground, ate snacks and cheered on the team.

Friday we went and picked up Baam (she had been in the hospital all week…more on that to come) and headed out for dinner.
Mmmmm noodles:

After we dropped Baam off, we headed back to our place for play, baths and a movie. Apparently Delaney was still hungry.

Then we all snuggled up into bed and watched Alice in Wonderland (Disney’s version!)

Saturday was jam packed! Jenn and the ointments played at home (games such as super spy and antm-Why do they call it a runway when you walk down it?) and then picked me up at work for our busy afternoon. First we headed to Jenn’s cousin Diana’s graduation party. Everyone thought the girls were just too cute, and Avery had a blast trading Silly Bands with Jenn’s cousin Maura.

Then we went and picked up Baam and headed over to one of the local outlet malls for their annual fireworks. This has become a big tradition for Jenn and I. We meet my favorite hotel guests and bring food and have a picnic!! We filled our space this year. It was: Baam, Diane, Timmy, Jenn, Mike, Kayleigh, Laylah, Jenn, Avery, Delaney and Me!!! A few pictures:

By the time we got home both girls were completely passed out, and slept not only through the whole night, but didn’t wake up until 7:30am on Sunday morning. I had been using them for an alarm clock, as they are usually up by 6, so I was a little late for work. After Jenn dropped me off she took the girls over to Grammy and Grampy’s. I arrived home to a quiet house, that seemed quite empty…and I took a well deserved nap!!

This picture here sums up what I have wanted out of life:
Fun with A&D 6/24-27/10
I love the mess!!!


2 thoughts on “My favorite ointments

  1. Just looking at their smiling faces puts a smile on mine. I can see where they would be the perfect ‘ointment!’

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