Road Trip: Baltimore, MD

Sunday morning we met over at CLAD’s to head out to Baltimore for the day. First stop: Pick up Joni. Once there we finally told Avery what we were going to do.

The piece of paper we are showing her has pictures from Storytime Live, a Nickelodeon show that we went to see at the Hippodrome Theatre!! (Note Lyz even dressed her in a Kai Lan shirt!!)

We started out the day with lunch at Hard Rock Cafe. They must be hurting for money because our server kept trying to sell us everything!! Stuff off the walls, specials we had no interest in, you name it, he tried to sell it to us. But we still had fun and enjoyed our food.

Then it was off for a walk around the harbor. Hot!!!

(please notice my deathgrip on Avery’s hand…Lyz was not thrilled with Avery being that close to the water.)

(see, her eyes are closed!!)

A Day Out in Baltimore 6/20/10

Then we drove through the area looking for Charm City Cakes..found it!

And also found strip row

Then it was time to head to the theatre! But, they are VERY picky about their picture taking rules, so I only have one to offer:

The show was very fun. Avery loved every minute of the first half. She spent most of the second half worrying because it was going to end soon, but still loving it. Delaney watched it like it was crack on stage. We all looked to her right as the Dora part of the show started, since she really loves her some Dora, but her expression didn’t change. She was just staring at the stage in amazement. Five minutes into the Dora part she took a huge deep breath and yelled “DOOOOOORAAAAHHHHH!!!!” Too Cute!!

Once the show was over we headed home. All of us sweaty, tired and happy. Once again a successful road trip!


One thought on “Road Trip: Baltimore, MD

  1. I love Baltimore! You should come back and meet me at the aquarium! It’s the best.

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