Getting our Pride on

Saturday afternoon we headed out to Pride of Lancaster 2010. Lyz, Avery and Delaney met us there. After a 20 minute long parallel parking experiment, we were on our way.

It was a very very hot day. I would like to petition all of the gays to please change Pride month to October, or March. Hot, Humid and Hazy=melty Heidi. We still managed to have some fun.

This is the second Pride that Avery has gone to. She knows what gay means and in this has shown me that our acceptance and tolerance of the things around us are very much learned traits. When you ask Avery what gay means, she will tell you it is when two people of the same sex get married. She will then add that girls married is good, boys married seems silly. Hmmm…we must need to introduce Avery to more gay men!

At her first Pride, and this year, Avery’s favorite part has been the drag show. She watches intently and excitedly.

She also really enjoys the face painting:

Lancaster Pride 2010 6/19/10

Thank you Lyz and Chris for being so supportive of Jenn and I. I still have the copy of Lyz’s final term paper from college where she wrote all about her support of gay rights and why she believes Jenn and I should be allowed to get married. Thank you for teaching your children acceptance. I often joke that Lyz has more gay pride than Jenn and I put together!! In fact, she is the one who found out when it was and made sure that we were all going!


7 thoughts on “Getting our Pride on

  1. I totally agree about moving Pride to October. It’s SO hot in June… but, if we did move it, we’d miss out on all the fun half-dressed muscle men and assless chaps on the gay bikers and the topless lesbian avengers.

    Or would we?


  2. I agree! Let’s move Pride to coincide with Nat’l Coming Out Day (Oct. 11?) Crisp, lovely, bright fall days are so much more amenable to good festivals than meltingly hot June days where ten minutes outside can precipitate an hour-long cold shower once back indoors! Looks like you had funs despite it all!

  3. October is the PERFECT month for Pride! And I’m sure that we’d still get the half-and sometimes not-dressed gays even then. Plus, we’d get a chance to see cute clothes, not just everyone in shorts and tanks with the always present sweat sheen.

  4. This is the exact reason why we have Pride in Texas in September!!! Considering we have been in triple digits all week, there would be heat strokes all around. But we are still easily in the high 80s, low 90s in September, so we still get a similar experience like y’all’s up north. But I’m sure the snow belt people would be driving snow plows through their parade in September/October if we changed it. Oh well, obviously this started up north. ;o)

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