Mingo Monday 6/21/10

The flamingo curse strikes again!!

I opened up my mailbox on Saturday and was greeted by a big brown envelopey package thing.  I squealed! Jenn rolled her eyes.  We both know what these packages contain.

This one came from Schroe over at Schroedinger’s Womb.  She was recently in New Orleans and brought back a little special something for me!!
New Mingos!!
Aren’t they the cutest!!
New Mingos!!
They were instantly installed on my rear view mirror. This seems to be the local hangout for mingo necklaces. You can see an old one I have in the picture. It is sadly not pink anymore, well, unless you spin the necklace around and show the part that has been hidden from the sun.

These mingos have already had their share of drama too. On Saturday night Jenn was telling me they had to have a new home. I was totally going to get pulled over for having something that big hanging from my mirror. So, I texted a picture of them to Chris asking their illegality. He gave them a 3 out of 10. I smirked, and may have stuck my tongue out.

Sunday morning we all went on a road trip. 2 cars, 5 adults, 2 children. After a brief stop at Turkey Hill for road snacks, caffeine and gas, we were on our way. 48 miles later I looked up and noticed my mingos were missing. They had been mingonapped!! GASP! First, I cannot believe anyone would kidnap my newest mingos. Second, I cannot believe it took me 48 miles to realize it. Everyone (other than me) got a huge kick out of it!! They were safely returned to my car for the trip home!!!


2 thoughts on “Mingo Monday 6/21/10

  1. I totally missed this post until today! I am so glad you got a kick out of them! When I saw them in NOLA I knew I had to get them for you– I have been cursed (blessed) with mingo awareness for the rest of my life… thanks… I think!

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