The opposite of not infertile enough is…

This weekend after reading this post over at Two Hot Mamas and visiting with the Hot Mamas, I got to thinking…

If N is not infertile enough, have I become too infertile??

I haven’t gone silent, but I haven’t been talking all that often on ttc, miscarriage or any of the things that brought me to the blogging community all that much either. This blog has simply become the journal of our day to day activities, with an occasional Mingo thrown in for good fun.

I personally don’t stop following people when they have moved on from where I am. I may not comment as much because I don’t have any advice to give on mommyhood. I can answer a million questions about ttc and miscarriage, and a couple hundred about pregnancy, and lots and lots about auntyness…but mommyhood, not so much.

The wonderful thing is, I haven’t lost any readers over this. You are all still out there reading and cheering me on. Well, most of you. Like I mentioned the other day, the two/three bloggers that I once felt the closest with have ditched me in fear that I might be contagious.

I guess the moral of the story is Thank You. Thank you for sticking around even if I am not saying anything worth really listening to. Thank you for being here to support me on the days where I do end my ttc/miscarriage radio silence to get some of the thoughts out of my head. I promise you that my life is not a bowl of cherries. I do love every minute that this life has to offer, please don’t get me wrong. For it not being the life I had planned out so carefully, it certainly is a wonderful life. Made better by knowing that you are all here with me, no matter what.


10 thoughts on “The opposite of not infertile enough is…

  1. You are not “too infertile”! You are on a much-needed haitus, but that does not mean that your words & thoughts have lost their value! I have been struggling with some kindred feeling to the “not infertile enough” thing– you have convinced me to post about it. Just as soon as I ponder more….

  2. I love reading along with you. Fun and interesting. and thoughful and insightful at times too! Thanks for writing!

  3. Still here, still reading. You can’t get rid of me. I am ready to hug, cheer, shut my mouth, jump up and down, ….most importantly support in anyway you need me to, anytime you need me to! I hope you know that.

  4. You never say anything “not worth listening to”. Your life, in all it’s various ways, is what we are here to read about. Whether you’re writing about Jen, Lyz or Chris, Avery or Delaney, your job, your weekend adventures OR your ttc struggles and heartaches…we’re reading. And laughing and smiling, and sometimes crying because of it. But we read because it’s YOU. And will continue as long as you’ll have us.

  5. Sometimes a break from talking about things lets us have the time to get your emotions and plans all straight in your head so you can pick back up soon. Hang in there. I love you.

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