Happy Birthday, Lyz!!!!

Lyz's 31st Birthday 6/6/10
Isn’t that cake adorable??? Chris picked it out all by himself, way to go Chris!

On Saturday night we through an impromptu celebration. To say we had fun would be the understatement of the century. It started with the four of us (Lyz, Chris, Jenn and I-the girls spent the night at Baam’s) playing Pictionary. Holy hannah the laughter. I have saved the majority of the drawings to laugh at in years to come. Some of my favorites included Tiger Woods, arrest, bloodline and room service.

Shawn and Chele came and joined us and we talked and laughed and drank and played Wii. A few pictures:
Lyz's 31st Birthday Party 6/2-3/2010

On Sunday we went to lunch at Olive Garden to celebrate and spent some time at the bookstore. Then it was time for presents and cake!!

Delaney thought mommy’s presents were AWESOME!!


Yesterday we took her out to get her other birthday present-the tattoo she has been wanting for awhile!
Delaney was not impressed with the tattoo parlor, it bored her:

Getting the tattoo done:

Finished Product:

The two filled in stars are for Avery and Delaney. The five open stars are for the three children that live in heaven, her dad, and her grandfather. It is so beautiful Lyz!!

Happy Birthday to the bestest friend a girl could ever ask for. I’ll Stand by You!!


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