Mmmmmm Strawberries

Strawberry Picking 6/3/10
Strawberries are hands down my absolute favorite food. Strawberry Pie, Strawberry Jam, Strawberry Shortcake. I cannot get enough. My mother says this was a habit that started in utero. She simply had to have a strawberry sundae each week after Lamaze class. So either I was influencing her, or she influenced me!!

We live in farm country. Well, new house, not-so-much. Old house was in the heart of it. I used to drive past 8 roadside farm stands on my way home from work each way. Now I don’t, but I will start driving out of my way here soon (once more crops start sprouting).

Every year I regret not making the time to go strawberry picking. I would stop at the farm stand, or sometimes just at a table in the front of an Amish farmhouse, and buy a quart.

*did you know that the majority of these farm stands are on your honor? There is no one manning the booth, just a jar or a box that you put your money into, and take change as needed. Some of these stands do get a little more safe by adding a lock to their box. They don’t bolt the box down, but there is a lock on it, so you better have correct change. You would be amazed on how rare theft is.*

Well this year I decided that we were going strawberry picking. I would visit one of the local farm’s “website” each day. Strawberry picking season is about two weeks long. It isn’t the same dates each year, just “the end of May or beginning of June”. On Saturday I was so excited to see that it was time to pick the strawberries!! I texted Jenn and Lyz and we set a date for Thursday at 4:30pm. Strawberry picking is from 8am-noon and 4:30pm-8pm. This is because “We have found it is better for the people and the strawberries not to pick in the heat of mid-day.” So Jenn picked me up at work and off we went.

Oh me and my big ideas. I come up with some of the greatest ideas, but they never seem to work out.

Reasons why Strawberry Picking was not the best of ideas:

  • We got lost. I have told Jenn a million times not to trust Mapquest. Bad Mapquest. I am totally a map girl. No GPS or Mapquest for me, just hand me a map and I’m good. But noooooo. We got our directions from Mapquest and of course they sent us the wrong way. When we finally figured out where the farm was we called Lyz to tell her not to follow Mapquest.
  • It was swelteringly hot.  Horribly humid.  Like, you walk outside and are instantly damp (note I didn’t use the “m” word).  Ick.
  • I have a bad back.  I am about to sound really dumb.  I had no idea that strawberries grow so low to the ground.  They didn’t even come up to Delaney’s knees.
  • Lyz has a broken foot.  The most painful position for her to be in? Squatting.  Best position to pick strawberries in?  Squatting.

So, we (Lyz, Avery, Delaney, Alix and I) lasted about 30 minutes.  Jenn our workhorse could have gone for hours.  We managed to pick about 11 pounds of strawberries (Pick 9, eat 1, stand up and rest your back).  It only cost us $13.00.  Had we not picked them ourselves it would have been around $25-$30.

The hard work was worth it last night. We made strawberry shortcake for dinner. Mmmmmmmm yummy. There is a large bowl of strawberries all cut up and ready for more shortcake, and still a whole bunch of strawberries that I plan on making strawberry jam with. (Along with homemade bread that will weigh a ton-this is another trait my momma passed on to me).

And what would a LAD+JH and A(lix) adventure be without pictures??


2 thoughts on “Mmmmmm Strawberries

  1. I love the first photo! I’ve never been strawberry picking but I’d love to go sometime. Thanks for the tips in advance!

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