Happy 35th Birthday Jenny!!!

I’ve mentioned before that we spend whole weeks celebrating birthdays in this pod…here’s Jenn’s!

On Sunday we slept in, watched a few movies, sang several times and headed over to Joni’s for Mother’s Day/family dinner, where Avery made sure we sung to Jenn several more times.

On Monday we went to Shady Maple (mmmmmmmm) for lunch with CLAD, Joni, Shawn and Chele!! It was delicious, of course!!

Tuesday we took a day off from birthday celebrations and played Bunco/watched the girls instead.

Wednesday we went all out. There was Chocolate World:

Then there was Red Robin and a fun game of “You Ate My Gourmet Burger!” (Avery won…and we didn’t simply let her either.):

Then there was cake. Red Velvet cake:

And the girl who refused to make a mess of her first birthday cake went to town:

Jenn was very excited for her gift from CLAD—an EMF reader. (I joked with Lyz that if Jenn wasn’t checking for ghosts in her nose by the end of the night I would be shocked)

Happy Birthday, Teapot!!! We love you!


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