Friday, May 14, 2010

We had a rather interesting thunderstorm today. It picked today because it knew that Jenn and I would be loading the last things into the new place, two huge bookcases. When we pulled up in front of our house it started with those huge, almost painful, raindrops.

Have I ever mentioned that I have zero upper body strength?? Yup, zero. This does not make for quick unloading of bookcases. Why didn’t we just leave them in my car you ask? Well because they are huge bookcases and hung out the back of my suv.

The moment we got the second one inside the rain really started. Massive winds, tornado watches and warnings on the tv, Jenn and Minne panicking. I checked in on Lyz, who also hates thunderstorms and went and stood on our back patio to watch.

Lyz starts calling me to say they’ve got hail. Large pieces of hail. That is strange, we’ve got sun?!? Our storm ended quite suddenly, but I could hear the clinking of hail on the other end of the phone. Lyz let me go because Avery wanted to go collect hail so she could send me a picture.

(a little fuzzy as it is from Joni’s ancient camera phone)

Minne and Igan enjoyed the calm parts of the storm.

The only damage that we can report is to Joni’s precious car-baby. It has hail dents in the hood and roof 😦


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