Mingo Monday 5/10/10

This past weekend at The Hotel we hosted a military reunion group, the Military Order of the Cootie!! FHFDC (Friendly Hotel Front Desk Clerk) love this group. Everyone is so nice, and they love to tell stories!! FHFDC was helping one of the older gentleman who could not figure out how to get his printer to work, print out name tags. He told FHFDC that she could be an honorary Cootie, and she was honored. He couldn’t find a Cootie pin, so he gave her his “Council’s” pin for 2010, a cute little Keystone Cop:

Later that afternoon, the Supreme Guard of the women was talking to FHFDC when FHFDC had to inturrupt and tell her how beautiful her flamingo pin was!! FHFDC admitted to having a tiny flamingo obsession. Mrs. Supreme Guard noticed that FHFDC had the men’s pin on, and was upset that she wasn’t supporting the ladies also, and pinned the flamingo right onto FHFDC’s shirt!!

On Saturday afternoon, FHFDC was sitting in her office and Mrs. Supreme came in with another gift. She took one look around FHFDC’s office and said “You sure weren’t kidding about the flamingo obsession were you?? She thanked FHFDC for her smiles and gave her the most delicious pair of earrings!

Yay!! FHFDC already loved this group, and now there are even more reasons to love them!!


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