Friday Fun

Our morning started early with a very loud conversation outside. Our bed is right under two windows. This is good for two reasons. Air flow and eavesdropping. Yep, we are your local nosy neighbors!

The two people on the left live in the townhouse behind them. Please note the horrible Precious Moments lawn collection. If I am not mistaken there was a moving van in front of their house this morning, please take the Precious Moment scariness with you!!

Then I headed to work, and Jenn to the grocery store.

Then Jenn picked me up at work and took me to the Landis Valley Museum for their Herb and Garden Fair!!! I have been looking forward to it for several weeks. Lyz, Chris and Jenn may have teased me mercilessly for this. Things like “I would have fallen asleep standing up” *eyerolling* and Chris and Jenn joked that Jenn was going just to find the concession booths. But I enjoyed it, and Jenn indulged me! There were so many need plants, so many varieties of heirloom tomatoes that you could plant a new one each week for three years and never get bored!! It was really beautiful. All we bought was:

For Joni’s Housewarming gift.

Then we headed over to Joni’s to see some of her new furniture:

Then Joni watched the girls while we went to the Back Page to present the trophy from Chris’s softball team’s tournament victory. The Back Page is their sponsor.

We had dinner and a few drinks, but had to get home early because CLAD + J&J (Joni and Jenn) had to leave at 7a for Maryland for anohter softball tournament!!


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