Moving Joni Day

Yesterday we helped Joni move into her new house. I’ve mentioned before, but the house is so absolutely perfect for Joni! We filled up the moving truck:

And we were off!
I have to show you pictures of her kitchen:

As the old useless horse that gets put out to pasture, I was in charge of child wrangling. It was quite easy, see:

Just pop on a little Team Umizoomi and all is well. While they were occupied I organized the spice cupboard and lined cabinets (the spice cupboard was later reorganized three times hehehe). Then Avery and Delaney staged a coup and I was taken hostage and held ransom for pizza.

We had fun, as we always do. And are so happy for Joni that she found this perfect house. There had been some house drama over the last week, and it is such a relief to have her all moved in and know that it is hers!!

In the evening Lyz and I went to a Dead Baby Party, but telling that story is very long, so you will just have to wait until tomorrow to read all about it!!


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