Mingo Monday 4/12/10

Mingo’s that had to be fought for.

In the 90’s there was this CRAZY fad. I’m sure some of you remember it. Ty Beanie Babies!! I searched high and low and finally found a Flamingo Beanie Baby. It was named Pinky and I loved it lots and lots and lots. I felt complete. I had a mingo beanie and all was right in the world.

Then McDonald’s had to go and make the craze even bigger. They put Teenie Beanie Babies in their Happy Meals. Things were CRAZY and I found out that they were offering a Teenie Pinky, well then I have to get one. This was when I still lived in the Detroit area so a friend of mine, Lori, and I decided to take orders and head to downtown Detroit and visit all of the McDonald’s that not as many people go to. We took orders from other crazy Beanie collectors and went at it. For this toy you had to actually purchase a meal, so we had lots of Happy Meals in the back of Lori’s car. We thought we would be helpful and offered them to homeless people standing on street corners begging for money. Sadly, no one wanted the food, just money. But, I got a Teenie Beanie Flamingo and all was again right in the world.

After I moved to Pennsylvania, the Beanie craze had slowed down a lot. So they had to figure out a way to make people want to buy more Beanies. So they made Big Beanie Babies. And again, that meant I had to hunt down a Pinky. This time it wasn’t nearly as hard. And I decided that even if Ty made a Giant Beanie Pinky I was done hunting them down.

Aren’t they cute?

I featured a Mingo Monday in December that showed my adorable Mingo slippers and how much Minne adores them. I have since kept them in the closet so that she cannot eat them. You see Minne has a thing for stuffed animals. Well, she has a thing for destuffing stuffed animals. She must not like their fluffy cuteness. She will pick a spot and rip it to shreds, and as soon as she can get her nose and tongue in a hole she pulls out all of the fluff.

The other day she came running into the kitchen with a half stuffed rainbow bear. This is huge because Minne hardly ever runs anymore. She is almost 12 years old. She is really good at napping and begging for food. But she came flying into the kitchen with the bear and started growling at me because I had tickled Jenn. I jokingly leaned down to her and told her to leave me alone and I’ll tickle her mommy if I wanted to, in a grrrrr tone of voice. She jumped back up, ran across the house and came back WITH MY MINGO SLIPPER in her mouth!! She looked like a pup again and so proud of herself!!! Gotta love my Minne!!

3 thoughts on “Mingo Monday 4/12/10

  1. I remember the beanie baby craze well… I had tons of them. And when McDonald’s came out… well, all bets were off. I think I had most of them, probably two or three of each. A friend of mine and I made it sort of a race to see who could get the most. Lucas has three beanies– his rainbow bunny, a rainbow lizard and a bat. (I know it sounds weird, but the bat was my mom’s favorite one, so… I took hers for Lucas. It’s ADORABLE!)

  2. Our dog loves stuffed animals too. It’s adorable when it’s one of his toys…not so much when it is something he’s not supposed to have!

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