Never say I’m Bored on Facebook ~OR~ Happy Easter!!!

We headed over to CLAD’s Sunday evening for an Easter Egg hunt and dinner. Good times, good times.

The younger kids had a blast hunting for eggs, Baam was very creative in her egg hiding, she had them hanging from trees and everything!

Delaney was more interested in going for a drive:

Here is Baam and the grandkids that were there:

We’ve got Sophia, Avery, Bobby, Delaney, Chloe, Oliva and Baam!

Then we went in for dinner. The adults were sitting at the kitchen table chatting when Lyz got a notice on her phone that Chloe had updated her Facebook status. She has since erased it so I can’t quote her, but it had something to do with being bored. Bored??? You’re bored?? Well then, lets find something for you to be entertained by!!

Chloe and Olivia’s phones were wrestled away from them and held hostage until they drank/ate some lovely concoctions that Chris, Lyz, Jenn and I had made for them. It took a good 45 minutes, but the girls finally drank/ate them. Be warned, there is some dry heaving in the videos:

Easter 4/4/10
Easter 4/4/10

Moral of the story. Don’t Facebook that you’re bored when we are around. It will cause nothing but trouble!!

On a side note…we knew Chloe and Olivia way back in the day, pre-break. Chloe and Olivia don’t remember it. But we do. Olivia (then known as Weeve) would call Jenn Nee-Nee. I have a very hard time seeing these two beautiful young ladies as the toddlers they once were!


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