Mingo Monday 4/5/10

Since we are moving, I have to show this mingo now. You see she lives in a very particular spot, and I’m not sure our new place will have such a spot. She hangs on our townhouses “useless” light switch. I know we aren’t the only people who have one of these light switches. It is in our bedroom, right when you walk in the door. AND WE HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IT IS FOR!!! No clue what-so-over. We guess it is just there to look pretty. When we first moved in we even had the maintenance department come in and look at it. They don’t know what it is for. When we got to know our neighbors, we asked them what theirs was for. It operates the outlet that is on that same wall. I’m personally quite glad ours doesn’t do the same, as that is where our tv is plugged in. I would die if the switch ever got turned off accidentally and Tivo got switched off!!!

(pardon her dust, and the partially painted walls)

This mingo was purchased at World Market on December 26, 2007. It is a Christmas tree ornament, but has never been used for that purpose, as we haven’t had a Christmas tree with regular ornaments on it since. But I like her and she needed a place to live. So she lives on the light switch. Jenn calls her “the death of me mingo” or “the most frustrating mingo ever.” You see she doesn’t hang there very securely. The switch is directly over where we keep Minne’s upstairs food and water bowl (yes, she has two sets, with her arthritis I don’t want her to have to walk up or down the stairs just because she is hungry/thirsty.) And it seems that every time Jenn leans down to fill the bowls she knocks the mingo down and growls. There have been days that I have come home and the mingo wasn’t there. I always find her and hang her back up…so that the process can start again.


4 thoughts on “Mingo Monday 4/5/10

  1. She’s pretty! lol, it’s like that episode of Friends where the light switch operates an outlet in the other apartment.

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