Hippity Hopping Eastertime is here!!

What beautiful weather we are having here!! (other than the sneezing, and sniffling it causes!!) Jenn and Chris went golfing together yesterday and then we all met up at the CLAD-house for BBQ and egg dying!!

We played outside on the swings:

Then after dinner we all sat outside and enjoyed the evening. It always does amaze me how quickly it can go from warm with the sun on you to oh my goodness its chilly!!

Then we headed inside to get messy!! Lyz is smart! When her girls are too little to fully grasp the egg dying concept…she just plops them in the sink with the dye to have all the fun they want!

Delaney wasn’t all that impressed with the eggs…but the sink is totally fun in its own way!

(and yes, moments after this photo was taken, Lyz and Joni were sprayed)

Avery, Lyz, Jenn and I all dyed eggs until our fingers changed colors!

My fingers are still orange and blue. hehehe


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