I’m a Sugardoll (take 2)

J over at Just a Pair of Moms (in training) has nominated me for an award. See:

I have to say 10 things about myself and then give this award to 10 fellow bloggers. Wait, I have to come up with 10 things about me that I haven’t already shared with ya’ll?? That is more than a little difficult.
Here we go!
10 Things About Me:
1) I took German in high school. I tend to very often speak two phrases in German rather than English “What time is it?” and “Around the corner”. Don’t know why.
2) If I drink too much milk my tongue swells. It is also the cause of my super blushed cheeks. But I love cheese too much to ever give it up.
3) I once had a flesh eating bacteria. Then the doctor made it worse. Then I got a new doctor who had it cured in a week.
4) I spent one summer being a vegetarian. It is a long story involving a cow and his cousin.
5) I recently tried to dye my hair pink. It didn’t work. I am going to try again soon.
6) I have watched Twilight and New Moon more than I would like to admit over the last few days.
7) I get a lot of freebies with my job. I love it!! I love being able to take people out for free!!!
8.) I could eat pizza for every meal every day. This started when I was pregnant with Blue, and has never gone away.
9) I think Mrs. 10.5 thinks I am stalking her. At least twice a week since “the incident” I have been next to her on the treadmills again.
10) I am designing a set of socks to enter in Little Miss Matched’s contest. I bet you will never guess what I’m designing!! You should design a set too!!
I give this award to:

Um. I’ve been so out of the blog world for the last week that I have no idea who has or has not received this award yet. So, if you don’t have it yet, consider yourself nominated!

(And I promise a real and big blog post soon. Work has been very busy and I pretty much have only worked and slept for the last week+)

(this is take two. The first time all of J’s answers were still showing up!! I hope mine show up this time)


3 thoughts on “I’m a Sugardoll (take 2)

  1. Aww! I really thought we had a deoderant-putting-on-quirk connection. Le sigh. We CAN bond over flesh-eating bacteria, though. That sh*t hospitalized me for a week. Scary.

  2. I took 3 years of German in high school and loved it! I even went to German Camp where for 3 days we were only allowed to speak German. It was SO MUCH FUN!. Of course, there is no one else in my life who speaks it, so in the 18 years since I graduated I’ve lost almost all of it. This makes me very sad. But there are words and phrases that I have hung on to as well. I think German is way more fun than learning Spanish or French anyway!

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