Just a small note…

You can call me a bitch.  You can call me whatever you want, I’m okay with that.  Because I am about to be a little bit of a bitch.

Over the past few days I have come in contact with several ungrateful pregnant people.  Ugh, the morning sickness is for the birds.  Oh, we didn’t want perfect boy/girl twins, what is God doing to us?  Oh no!  You mean our child MIGHT have club foot, what are our options (as in ABORTION).

If you were to read back on my blog all the way to the beginning you would see how many times I wrote that I wished for morning sickness.  To me it would be a sign that all was well.

There are many many many women out there who would give anything for a perfect set of boy/girl twins.  Seriously.  To be pregnant once and be blessed with a such a perfect matching set?  (yes, I’m being a little sarcastic here as any child/ren combination would be absolutely perfect in my eyes).

When I called Lyz to tell her about Blue, she didn’t answer her phone.  They were up north visiting Chris’s mom.  I tried Chris’s phone to see if she was with him, she wasn’t.  I couldn’t say the words to Chris, I simply couldn’t.  The thing I didn’t think about was where I called her from, and caller id.  At our main hospital, all phone numbers start with 544.  Chris told Lyz that I had called, and she looked at her phone.  She saw the 544.  She KNEW why I was calling.  And do you know what she prayed for?  She prayed that I was calling to tell her club foot, cleft lip, please dear God let Heidi say anything other than “Blue is dead”.  So.  If you are told that there is a possibility that your child MIGHT have a club foot, know that there are some of us who prayed to hear those words.

So in conclusion, be grateful.  Be grateful for every moment you get to spend with your child/ren ALIVE inside of you.  Be careful who you complain to.  If you aren’t careful you might cause a girl to run into her office and slam the door so she can blog in private while tears run down her face onto her desk.

16 thoughts on “Just a small note…

  1. I so understand where you’re coming from. It’s a different loss, but I have the same inability to listen to people complain about being “tired of being pregnant” when they hit 30 weeks or so. I know everyone is entitled to their own feelings, but some should probably be examined quite a bit more before letting them out into the world.

  2. This is the farthest thing, in my opinion, from bitchiness. You speak not only your truth, but the truth of so many of us. Bless you for your strength!

  3. I so know how you are feeling and have felt the same way many times. You are so not a bitch.

  4. You are most certainly not a bitch. You are wonderful. I am so sorry that other people are so ridiculously stupid. (((hugs)))

  5. oh hon, you arent a bitch. and its perfectly okay to say to that woman (or anyone else who is complaining) that you lost a baby, would gladly take whatever issue she is complaining of, and she should be grateful. who cares if it makes her uncomfortable – its the truth.

    sending you big (((hugs)))

  6. People like that can go F@$% themselves. If you ever run into that, I hope I am around. I will tell them what I am thinking about all their bitching!!! I ain’t shy.


  7. Have to apologize here Heidi. I know I was one of those women you’re talking about. I am not a very “happy” pregnant woman. But, I was a pregnant woman, and because of this blog, I will remember that always. I’m sorry.

  8. Love you!
    Tara I love you too because you didn’t need to say anything and you did and You will never know how much that means to both of us.

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