Mingo Monday 3/1/10

Time to start revealing the 2010 Florida Flamingos!!

For the first installment we will begin with one of my Valentine’s Day gifts.

There is this store in Florida (and maybe more places, I don’t know) called Bealls. We went for the first time last year and fell in love! We go to the Bealls Outlets and they are so awesome! Lots of good deals. I got a bathing suit that Joni said she had tried on at Target and it was $99.00. I only paid $24.00!! We got lots of cool stuff. Jenn’s favorite bargain was a pair of Sketchers sneakers that were only $15.00! Way marked down.

Anywho. While we were in Florida this year we hit 3 different Bealls. Hmmm…maybe it was 4? At the last one we went to Avery came running up to me with a flamingo statue in her hand. Now, this was like our last day in Florida and I had already purchased several flamingos, I knew this would be a no go with Jenn, but I had to ask! There was glitter all over Avery and I as we approached Jenn. Our smiles must have given us away because without even seeing what was behind my back Jenn said “No. We have enough flamingos”. Booo Hisss. Joni and Granny Franny had walked up behind us and were laughing as Avery and I (jokingly) teased Jenn that really, this flamingo has to go home with us. We had already adopted several other mingos, this one would be lonely when if we left it behind! But Jenn was sticking to her guns. This flamingo was not going home with us. I thought it was kindof odd, because usually if I start to really beg, she will let me have any flamingo in the world! Now, as I said I was only jokingly giving her a hard time about not “letting” me purchase this one, but, humpf, how could she not want to adopt this one as well.

Imagine my surprise on Valentine’s Day as I found a gift all wrapped up on the kitchen counter to me, from Joni:

This is why Joni and Granny Franny were laughing, they knew I was already getting the flamingo and poor Jenn felt so awful telling me I couldn’t have it!! Look how perfect it is for a Valentine gift!! The heart that the two mingos make is so cute!!

Here they are up close:

Soo Sweet!! Thank you Joni-Mom!!


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