Finding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow

Saturday night I had one of those nights when you just don’t want to go to bed. I had Sunday off, so there was no reason to have to, we could sleep in all day if we wanted!!

At 10:39am I heard “99 Red Balloons”, Lyz’s ringer. I answered with a groggy hello, and was surprised to hear Chris’s voice. He wanted to talk to Jenn. He told her that he had a mission, should we choose to accept it. We had one hour to shower and get dressed. When we were ready, get in the car and text for our next assignment. Don’t worry, there will be a pot of gold at the end of the journey.

Once in the car we were given directions. At the end of each direction I would text Lyz and she would update me with a new set of directions. After awhile it hit me where we were going. It was like Lyz had read my mind and texted me saying “I can’t believe Jenn hasn’t figured it out yet” I told her I thought I had. Finally we got the direction to look up…there in front of us was the CLADmobile parked in front of GOLDen Corral. Jenn had been dying to go there forever. We went to one while we were in Virgina and they have been playing commercials on our local tv’s for a few months now. The closest one to us is an hour away and CLAD had gotten us there!!

But…isn’t there always a but? It was closed for remodeling!! We pulled next to each other in the parking lot to discuss our options. One thing was very clear, we were all very hungry. Since we were over an hour from home, and close to an area attraction that I have been suggesting we take Avery for awhile, we decided to be adventurous and head to Cabela’s.

For those of you who don’t know what Cabela’s is, it is an outdoors store. I grew up watching my dad be so excited when the Cabela’s catalog came. There was only one retail store, located in Nebraska. If you couldn’t go to the store, you had to purchase from the catalog. Many moons ago my best friend from high school and I drove from Michigan to Utah. We stopped at the exit for Cabela’s and took our picture in front of it to make our fathers jealous. A few years ago they started to branch out and put a store in Dundee, Michigan. My dad, Marshall, Jenn and I made a trip there and I thought it was so amazing! They had a whole river running through the store stocked with local fish breeds and so many different animals (stuffed of course).

So, we all piled back in our cars and got back on the road. While driving we saw a sign that said 130 miles to New York City. For a brief moment we considered changing course and heading there!! But we decided to save our money and continue on. Imagine our udder surprise (and slightly creeped outness) when right there on the exit was the Pot of Gold diner. It was meant to be! We stopped at Cracker Barrel for lunch and headed to Cabela’s.

The one here in Pennsylvania isn’t quite as big as the one in Michigan, but we still had fun wandering around. Picture time!!!

(I want to mention this is a WOLVERINE not a badger. Wolverines can eat Nittany Lions)

A stuffed bear:

Avery, posing as a stuffed bear:

A stuffed moose:

Me, posing as a stuffed moose:

Delaney got a kick out of the coon skin hat:

Adventures are always fun. And this trip was proof that you may not always end up where you intended, but as long as you have people you love with you, the journey is always a blast!!!


3 thoughts on “Finding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow

  1. Where in VA were you? I can’t think of a nearby Golden Corral… Honestly, I don’t think if I’ve ever eaten at one myself. But, a Cracker Barrel, I can totally get behind that!!

  2. That totally blows!! You can’t swing a stick and not hit a Golden Corral in Oklahoma. I LOVE their breads.

    I’ve never been to a Cabela’s. Growing up, my Dad’s recliner was surrounded by their magazines, though. I can see why your Dad would have been jealous of the pic!

  3. Weird, when my dad lived in Michigan for a while, he and his wife took us to Cabela’s… Big tourist attraction! My dad’s a big out doors guy, so I’m sure sharing this place with was just an excuse to the wife so he could actually go. Never the less, it was quite impressive.

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