Mingo Monday

In December I received two mingos via mail. It is so exciting to get cute little mingos from people!! One I have met in real life, Joelene. She came to Lancaster for her family vacation and stayed at The Hotel. She brought me a flamingo then too!! She is trying to buy my love I tell you.

Isn’t she beautiful!! She’s a lot like me, right down to the perfect amount of mingotackness. She even has my blue eyes!! She is hanging in my office and makes me smile quite often.

The second mingo came to me from Santa’s Elf. The package said that the elf lived in Kansas. I was so confused. So I posted on facebook thanking whoever my loverly flamingo sender was. And she came clean!! So, just because your package says it came from Kansas, doesn’t mean it did. This mingo came from Lori, who lives in New York. You all “know” Lori. She is the wonderful angel on earth that sent me huge amounts of Follistim. She has a beautiful daughter who I simply love seeing pictures of!! I have not met her in real life…yet. I know we will someday, I owe her so much! Her mingo is also in my office, and also has a lot in common with me.

You see, it is only 12 more sleeps and an overnight drive until we leave for Florida!!! Soon enough my hiney will be in my happy place, looking for seashells on the beach!! (and buying all the flamingos I can get my grubby hands on)

Thank you so much Lori and Joelene!! The mingos have come to a very good home, I promise to take wonderful care of them!


2 thoughts on “Mingo Monday

  1. Oh I wondered if he arrived in one piece! I was our shopping and spotted it and it screamed, “Send me to be with Heidi! You simply must!” The feathers were too much. Hugs to you!

  2. You don’t owe me a darn thing! And I’m mad at you that you’ll be leaving Florida as I arrive. We have 19 more sleeps. 😦

    We’re definitely trying to plan a trip to Lancaster this spring. I will find you!

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