Why on earth didn’t someone tell me this sooner???????

I am a facebook addict. In case you aren’t one too, some background information. Along the right side of the screen they put little advertisements. I’m not sure how they “know” me so well. I often find advertisements for clinics that do ivf, or how to lose weight. My favorites are all the ones that say “Are you 32 today? If so you’ve won a SEVEN MILLION DOLLAR WALMART GIFTCARD!” I guess they don’t know me as well as I thought, I hate Walmart. Make that advertisement for Target and you just might have a deal.

Last night while I was playing (Countrylife if you must know) I looked over and saw one that said “Having problems getting pregnant, we can help you in one month.” I have to admit I was intrigued. Do I know that it is utter bs, yes. But I was writhing in pain from the gym (20 mins at 2.7 speed with 1.5 incline on the treadmill, 20 minutes of weightlifting and an hour of deep water aerobics–go me!) so I had nothing better to do with my time.

Click here if you really want to know how to get pregnant in less than a month.

It is a set of books. Books that promise:

  • To get you pregnant even if you suffer from both male and female infertility (how many people suffer from both?)
  • To get you pregnant even if you have blocked tubes.
  • Get you pregnant holistically.
  • Get you pregnant even in your late 40’s

All of this without the help of drugs, IUI’s or IVF’s.  In three months 27 out of 35 women were pregnant!!  Amazing!!

I will also admit that I almost bought the book.  Not because I believe any of the 16 success stories (I mean, I’m sure they are all true, but I don’t believe this book got them pregnant), but because I am simply DYING to know what someone can put in a book to get me pregnant “with healthy babies”.

Oh wait, it isn’t JUST a book.  There are six bonues.  Plus, purchase now and you get a free month of therapy!!!!

Awesome.  Cause I’m gonna need that damn therapy once I realized I wasted $39 on some paper.


6 thoughts on “I CAN GET PREGNANT FOR ONLY $39!!!

  1. That whole mess is a poster child for “If it sounds too good, it’s probably not true.”

    Because, really, has anything EVER been that easy?

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