Last night we were supposed to do deep water aerobics and review it for Lyz.  We liked the shallow water aerobics, but thought that the deep water aerobics would be more challenging.  The shallow was lead by a great teacher and we though she was very nice and fun and she was just all around wonderful, so we felt a little guilty leaving her for the deep water, but we need to challenge ourselves right?

Right?  Right.  That is until we were changing in the locker room and there she was all happy to see us and excited that we had come for another class with her.  How do you say, um no, you didn’t challenge us enough??

Thankfully she teaches deep water aerobics on Monday nights, so we will try again then.

I would also like to note that my abs are killing me this morning.  Apparently she knew she needed to work us harder and she certainly did!!


One thought on “Chicken

  1. I used to teach water aerobics, mostly shallow, but deep water too. Beware the false sense of not being challenged enough… in a day or two, you may get hit by a wave of “Holy sh!tballs, what happened to my ____?” Full-body (yet low-impact) exercise can sneak up on you.

    Good luck with getting to try deep-water on Monday. It is really enjoyable, plus you get to control how much resistance you create.

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