Happy 2nd Birthday Blue! Happy 7th Anniversary Jenn!

We will have your birthday cake today. I’ll let your cousins blow out the candles for you.

Two years hasn’t changed the way our hearts ache for you. You are missed by so many, not just your mommies.

Orion was so beautiful and bright in the sky last night. I’ve started to imagine that you live there in Orion’s stars. You made him extra bright last night didn’t you? To show us that you are thinking of and loving us too.

We are celebrating our 7th wedding anniversary today also. If you were here I’m sure Aunt Lyz and Uncle Chris would be excited to babysit you tonight so we could go out and celebrate. Of course if you were here today wouldn’t be your 2nd birthday, so we wouldn’t be abandoning you on your special day!!

Sometimes I sit and wonder when your birthday would have been. You were due June 19th, but that doesn’t mean anything. Since you aren’t here, I love the fact that your birthday is shared with our anniversary. It makes today even more special!!!

You are missed and loved. And you will be forever!


11 thoughts on “Happy 2nd Birthday Blue! Happy 7th Anniversary Jenn!

  1. Happy birthday, Blue… You are missed.

    And happy anniversary, ladies – wishing you a lifetime more of love.

  2. Happy Anniversary to you both.
    And Happy Birthday to Blue. You have touched many lives and will be remembered with love.

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