Mingoless Monday

Avery and Delaney spent the night last night. I am required (by me) to check and make sure Delaney is breathing every 45 seconds, so I didn’t get much sleep. The time I did spend in bed was spent removing Avery’s foot from wherever she had jammed it into me most recently.

No sleep=No mingos.

Now don’t get me wrong, I loved EVERY.SINGLE.MINUTE. of it. Having them spend the night is always a blast. I love it!!! Delaney is spending tonight also. Avery has to go back home because she has school on Tuesday morning, so Baam will watch her. Lyz and Chris are in Atlantic City as their Christmas gift to each other.

At least there are still 51 Mondays left in 2010 to Mingo up 🙂


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