Happy New Year!!!

We had a blast last night!! I will give you three guesses on where we went, and the first two don’t count. CLAD’s of course!!

Delaney was ready to party!!:

Of course, she only made it until 9:30ish 🙂
Our special drink of the night was Absinthe. It was really pretty, tasted all so nasty (black licorice flavor) and didn’t help us find the green fairy, but it was fun to try it!! And look…it burns with a BLUE flame!

We rented a few Wii games and one of the was winter Olympics. If you didn’t know, my favorite sport in the entire world is Curling. When the 2000 Winter Olympics started I was all excited to watch Curling!! Growing up in Detroit there is always Curling on tv. Not so much in good ole Lancaster County. But Jenn, Lyz and Chris thought I was the world’s biggest dork. What could be so fun about throwing rocks on ice?? Flash Forward a few days and I would get phone calls at work like “Heidi!! Did you see what Sweden just pulled out!! OH MY GOD IT WAS AWESOME!!” No, I didn’t see it. I’m stuck at work and all you dorks are having fun watching my sport without me (pre Tivo days). Anywho, this Wii game had CURLING!!!! WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEE (or WIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII). We may have had a blast!!

We also had a blast making Avery’s night. Avery gets upset that she can’t try our “adult” drinks. So we made her a special drink of her own. I shall call it a Drink of a Different Color.

Every time one of us would go into the kitchen we would add food color to her drink. It was magically changing colors and she thought it was so awesome!! Every ten minutes or so she would run into the kitchen because “I have to check on my drink!!” It would magically have changed color, and refilled itself if needed. She was so amazed and so curious on how it was happening, so we devised a new plan. I distracted Avery for a few moments while Lyz and Jenn got Magee (Avery’s Elf on a Shelf) and took a picture of Magee with the cup!! It made the whole thing even more magical for Avery, and I must say us adults had a blast doing it too! Seeing the look of amazement on her face all night was totally awesome!

As the night went on we took lots of pictures of ourselves to commemorate the new year:

And figured out how to use the timer on my camera:

At midnight we banged pots and pans:

Put off some minor fireworks:

Did a New Years Cheer (aka toast):

Did high-fives:

Then we put Baam and Avery to bed so we could continue to parteeee!!!

I hope that the new year treats you all wonderfully. May all of our dreams come true, or at least be well on their way to coming true!!

Love you all,
Jenn and Heidi
(and CLAD too)


4 thoughts on “Happy New Year!!!

  1. If you ever make it down here for a visit, I’ll take you over to the curling club. Especially if there’s a bonspiel that weekend. 😀

  2. Happy New Year!! I love the Drink of a Different Color! She will remember that the rest of her life.

    Great pics!!

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