Christmas came early

For Christmas this year Jenn and I exchanged presents a bit early. We’ve been planning this for months and months on end. Ever since I was watching an episode of Miami Ink, which I never watch. It was totally meant for me to watch this episode though. A young woman came in who had adopted a baby and wanted a tattoo of the baby in her guardian angel’s arms. When I saw the tattoo I started bawling. I knew I wanted it. It was perfect in every way.
The original:

I wanted two changes though. First, I thought the baby’s head just looked like one of the angel’s really big boobs. Second, I wanted it to show how the angel is taking care of Blue.

Here I am getting my tattoo…

And the finished product:

I am so in love with the tattoo. I wish I could stare at it alll day long, but that is kind of hard to do since it is on my back hehehe.

Jenn had a whole big plan for hers also. She liked my angel’s wings, but didn’t want an angel. She decided to turn her ying-yang sun tattoo into a whole scene, heaven, sky and earth. And what more appropriate scene than her happy place?
Here it is all mapped out and ready to go:

The wings at the top have Blue’s birthday between them, and are nestled among the stars. The ying-yang sun was already there. Then there is the Ponce de Leon Lighthouse and the ocean, and me laying on the beach. Well, me in my flamingo form anyways!!
Here she is getting it done (took almost three hours):

And the finished piece of art:

So we had to open our presents early you see, the tattoo shop isn’t open Christmas day!! (And besides, since we got them on Monday, maybe we will be able to sleep peacefully on Christmas Eve…having a fresh tattoo on your back and arm make it hard to find a comfy sleeping position!!)

10 thoughts on “Christmas came early

  1. Oh, Heidi!! They are amazing!! Your tattoo is so sweet and perfect. I just love it.

    I love the detail in Jenn’s – it is a perfect theme!

  2. OOoooooh! You already knew I loved yours, but Jenn’s is gorgeous too! The artist did a really great job on both of them, and the color in Jenn’s is really fantastic.

  3. I saw this episode and I liked it. I had a miscarriage at 6 weeks yesterday. I already fell in love with it. I called the baby my angel. So this tattoo will symbolize my angel.

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