Mingo Monday 12/7/09

Look at this cute flamingo…could there be anything cuter??

What about a pair of cute flamingos????

And why would you need a pair of really cute flamingos???? Well to wear them on your feet of course 🙂

I got them at Old Navy on the day after Wednesday for only $10.00!!! People thought I was insane. Jenn walked right past the rack holding them and I let out a huge gasp followed by “HOW COULD YOU WALK RIGHT BY THOSE????” They were in the kids department and Jenn said “Like they are going to have any for your huge boats.” Well they did!!!! And boy are they comfy!! I LOVE them!!

Minne thinks they are awesome too. Awesome for her to chew on!

She ripped them right off my feet!

5 thoughts on “Mingo Monday 12/7/09

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