A Christmas Product Must Have!! And I’m giving some away!!

I have heard many wonderful comments about the bows that Avery and Delaney wear. Aren’t they simply amazing?? Want to know where they got them?? Well from Baam’s Bowtique of course!!

The CLAD kids are rarely seen without a bow or bows in their hair. For Delaney, it helps make sure people know she is a girl, for Avery…well it just ups her cute power a few more degrees.

And I know this picture would have been perfect without the bows…but the bows really add sooooo much!! (this pictures hangs in my office and whenever I am having a bad customer service moment I can just look at the picture and SMILE!)

Baam used to only make these bows as needed for Avery and Delaney’s outfits, for holidays, for whatever. After much convincing she has finally started her own bow business. She has her first booth set up right at the Christmas Tree Farm.

So, if you are looking for a unique handcrafted gift that is going to make that little girl in your life look even cuter than she already does (as if that was possible right??) Please don’t hesitate to contact Baam (also known as Joni) at baamsbowtique@gmail.com. She will customize a bow to your exact color specifications, either the set of two barrette bows (the ones Avery wears) or the headband bows (like Delaney wears). Her prices are very good (Awesome homemade bibs for only $5.00, unheard of), and the bows last quite well. I’ve been walking around with a set on my crocs at the tree farm, through puddles and all and they still look as good as the moment I stuck them in, see:

Oh wait…you don’t have any little girls to shop for??? Just cute little boys?!? Well Baam has a solution for that too…BIBS!!! She can make an awesome bib in whatever kind of pattern you are looking for. Delaney modeling a bib:

AND!! I’m giving some away!! To the lucky winner of my prize drawing will go this lovely set of two barrette bows and adorable skulls bib!!! How do you win?? You comment below. Want extra entries?? Make a note of the giveaway on your blog and I will throw your name into the hat 2 more times!!! Just leave me another comment with a link to your blog. I want to help Joni get the word out on her new business venture. On Thursday, December 10 at 5pm I will close the entries. I will put all of the entries into a hat and let Avery pick the winner!!! Want to see what you can win??

(close up of the bib)

So enter away!!!


10 thoughts on “A Christmas Product Must Have!! And I’m giving some away!!

  1. Wow, only $5 for the bibs??? That’s awesome, and they’re so cute! So how much are her bows? I would need two sets of Avery bows and a Delaney. I’ll email her today, Thanks Heidi!

  2. Enter me! I showed a friend at work the bows. She really likes the giant rose one that Delaney is wearing in the second picture.
    She has the same problem of strangers mistaking her 2 year old daughter as a boy…poor little girl has hardly any hair!

  3. Pick me, pick me! Every little boy needs a bib with a skull on it!

    She is soooo very talented. The bows are incredible!!

  4. They are adorable. How lucky to have such a crafty person in your lives.
    Please enter me too!

  5. Perfect time to stumble into your blog.. 🙂 Those bows and bibs are awesome. I’m a sucker for the cuteness.

    And your girls? My goodness they are adorable.

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