So close, yet one post away.

For 29 days I did it. Then the 30th day came…and I failed. I spent all day in bed yesterday with a nasty headache. I only peeled myself out of bed to make a quick dinner when Jenn got home from the tree farm.

While rolling around in bed moaning and whining I became very lonely. After spending 3 days surrounded by those I love, it was very weird to know I was all alone and they were all together. I missed them. Even if we did nothing, we were still having fun. Having Delaney point and smile when she sees us get out of the car…having Avery run over and hug me just because, even having Delmar touch me…I missed them all.

But I was alone yesterday, and I didn’t post. I even had an awesome post for mingo monday all lined up, but didn’t have the energy to actually post.

Oh well…November 2010 will be here before I know it and I can do it all over again!!


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