Mingo Monday-11/24/09

Why yes, it is Tuesday…hush.

My lack of Christmas spirit has caused me to go “Flamingo on a Budget” for this years Christmas decorations. I had originally planned on purchasing a “Santa-mingo and three Reinmingo’s” set for our lawn. But…bah. We were at Target the other night when I came across a bunch of mingo Christmas decor. In fact when I got home that night a friend had written this on my facebook wall”

JAS (names have been changed to initials to protect the innocent): Heidi!! Get thee to a target! They have MINGO GARLAND!!!

While I did not purchase the mingo garland….I did get this years first new outside decor for our front yard…and I happen to like them!

They are so fun!! The bright pink gets even brighter when they are all lit up for the world to see!! Maybe Santa-mingo will come to visit us next year?? Maybe he will bring the best present of all??? Yes Virginia, there is a MingoClaus.


3 thoughts on “Mingo Monday-11/24/09

  1. I saw the flamingo stuff at Target this weekend and thought of you. You’re right– I can’t see one without thinking of you now! Hey, did you get the skeleton/black ones they had for Halloween this year?

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