One sense of holiday spirit.

I can’t find it anywhere. Even last year when I was dreading the holiday season I had holiday spirit. So much that it hurt. But this year, I can’t seem to find it. We went out shopping the other night, and the whole time I was all Bah. Not quite Bah Humbug, just Bah.

Most years I am itching to get out all the Christmas decorations. This year, I keep finding excuses to do it tomorrow.

In hopes of finding my spirit, I plan on spending as much time as I can at the Christmas tree lot. Maybe all those families all excited about their Christmas trees will push some button in my heart.


9 thoughts on “Missing

  1. I felt that way last year. I was miserable because of the situation we were in, that everyone else was in the situation I really wanted to be in. I was miserable because I wasn't with my family for the holiday. I was miserable because I was with my in-laws instead.

    I hope the holidays this year bring you and everyone not feeling up to it this year all the best gifts that each of you are hoping for.

  2. See.. this year I am torn. I deep down feel Christmasy this year. A lot more than usual. Only, I know when the even happens, I will be dissapointed. I hold up high hopes of what Christmas use to be for me. And it just isn’t anymore.

  3. This year I have more Christmas spirit than previously, and mine is usually high to begin with. I think it’s diversion therapy, but maybe it’s also where yours has gone to?

    I would like the password too please if you’re sharing.

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