I’m staying out of this fight.

***this post is about one of those silly topics that people are typically pretty set in their ways about. Please don’t turn the comments into a “My opinion is right, your opinion is wrong” fight please***

So far out that I am going to be an infertile/habitual aborter just to say farrrr out of it.

Jenn and Lyz get along just swell. They never argue (unless it is due to silly miscommunications which always end in the tattling each other out on me, and me telling them to just listen to each other for a moment.)

Except this one fight. Every.single.time the subject is brought up, Jenn glares at Lyz and Lyz grinds her teeth at Jenn.

Ear piercing. Lyz is pro, Jenn is con. I really don’t care. It isn’t a battle I want to fight with the two of them about. Jenn thinks that it is one of those things that they little girl (yes, there have been boy ear piercing fights too, but we won’t get into that here) should get to choose for themselves. Note that Jenn does not wear regular pierced ears, she does have her upper cartilage pierced. Lyz says it is just easier when they are very young to do it, they don’t pick at it, the parents are in charge so they can make sure everything is clean and well taken care of.

I do love to watch them battle it out though. Lyz swears that she will just take futurebaby to the mall and get the ears pierced without us being around. Jenn swears that Lyz will never babysit her own niece.

Tonight Jenn and I were watching the episode of Friends where Rachel’s sister takes Emma to get her ears pierced without Rachel’s permission. Jenn immediately looked at me and reminded me that Lyz will never babysit.

And then it hit me. I know how to solve the problem. I will take future baby to the mall myself and get just one ear pierced. Then, futurebaby will always have to be between Jenn and Lyz. Lyz can stand on the pierced side, Jenn on the unpierced.

Now…if we could just have that baby.


8 thoughts on “I’m staying out of this fight.

  1. BTW- off topic, I saw your twitter comment to the ellen show over on the side and you can tell Ellen that if she will pay for your treatments….I’ll legally change my name to Ellen.

  2. HEEE. I’m torn between the two. But I think either as babies/toddlers, or they have to wait until they’re at least… 14. Or some arbitrary age.

    Mostly because I wanted pierced ears soooooooooooooooooo badly, but my mom wouldn’t let me get them. She said I wasn’t old enough or responsible enough to take care of them properly. When I was 8, my grandmother snuck me to the mall and got my ears pierced, and you know what? My mom was right. Cue many miserable years filled with infections and iodine and salt soaks and hydrogen peroxide (that was before they knew that HP was worse).

    I know now, of course, that my lower ear also tends to be prone to such things (twice now, I’ve tried to get 2nd holes, and they have not yet stuck, they just won’t heal, though cartilage piercings in my upper ear and other body parts heal just fine), but man, seriously. Either that kid’s got to take care of it themselves, or I’d rather do it when they’re a baby and I can take care of it without them messing about.

  3. I’m going to have to agree with Jenn on this one. Sorry Lyz! I do think it’s cute, but I too think the child should decide. I still love you Lyz!!!

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