Today I am thankful for…

I’ve written this post a hundred times. There are not enough words to ever express how thankful I am to have her in my life. But, at some point I have to post it…so if I haven’t included any reasons that I am thankful for her, or one of the eighty zillion reasons I love her, I’m sorry.

Today isn’t enough. I will always be thankful for my Lyz. My favorite quote to describe our friendship is “A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words.” She knows the words. She has been there through it all.

Lyz is just the most fun person in the entire world. I have this pod theory (and those who know me and have heard this are all rolling their eyes.) I think that we were created in blobs. And the blobs were cut apart and then you were sent down to earth. Your goal in life is to find the rest of the people cut out of your blob. Chris, Lyz, Jenn and I are totally all from the same blob. We totally even each other out. Two people are always together on things. Any argument…is two vs. two. But Lyz and I must have been cut even more from the same side of the blob.

When we are apart she is still connected to me. She went away for a weekend and I started having a little boohoo session and within minutes I got a text…a simple “I love you” but I knew she was there and thinking of me. It has happened many times when she just knows I need to hear from her, knows I need to know she is there. She is totally amazing.

She gets me. She knows exactly what I need to hear. If I need a shoulder to cry on, she is caring and opens her arms. If I need to be told I’m acting like a dork…she is the first one in line to tell me I am being a total leo. The last few nights we have been having heart to heart text sessions. I tried to have a heart to heart with her at her house the other night, but we were interrupted. But I know that if I called her at 3am to continue that conversation that she would be wide awake and ready for me.

Many moons ago I wrote her and Chris a really silly poem about a kitchen junk drawer and the lonely lost puzzle piece that lives in the drawer. I am like that puzzle that was missing its piece. I know it is a horrible cliche…but Lyz really completes me. We are such sisterly soul mates.

I am certain that I would not be alive today without Lyz. When Blue died…Lyz held everything together. Even though she was in just as much pain as we were. She kept us going. She checked in quietly, but strongly. She pushed just enough to keep us moving forward, without being pushy. Conversations with her were a wonderful balance of remembering Blue, and reintroducing us to the outside world. She handled it all beautifully. She was a rock. I will not ever be able to explain how perfect she has been about this, not only in those first few months when we needed it most, but through today and tomorrow.

She is a beautiful and strong woman. Through all of the trials in her life she has kept a smile on her face, and always put everyone first. After calling me to tell me about Cynthia, she texted me later to check on me. For once I was honest with her…I hurt. All the pain and memories came rushing back to me. All I could think about all night was poor Cynthia and her world turning upside down. And what did Lyz do?? She blamed herself. She apologized for telling me. She called me to get support for herself, because her friend was hurting, and then apologized!!! No dear, I’m sorry that I wasn’t more of a comfort to you.

Cris asked in Chris’s comments about our break…shortly before our weddings we got into a silly childish fight. We didn’t speak at all for over a year. When we met up again it took awhile for us to rebond. It happened in August of 2006, over a tearful phone call where we totally found each other again. It still took a little bit to get us back to where we are today, but we are a million times closer now than before the break. It is weird, but I think we are both thankful for the break. We spent that time growing up. We were in two very different places, and I think it was important for us to not be together while in those places. It made it possible for us to be as close as we are now. Before the break people used to tease me that every thing we did was with Chris and Lyz…now it isn’t like that. We are still totally attached at the hip, but is just a given. It is a constant. We belong together. Jenn and Heidi without Lyz and Chris just isn’t a whole.

Thank you for being the most perfect friend. For being angry at stupid things with me, for nodding your head like yeah with me, for everything. Thank you for sharing your daughters with me. I don’t know how on earth I lived without you!!! LOVE YOU!


6 thoughts on “Today I am thankful for…

  1. I love you so much!! I only you wish you could see that are that you are that strong rock to me as I am to you. Now I’m crying….

  2. And just wanted to add because I know Heidi was trying to respect my privacy. That tearful phone call was me calling her because I found out I lost my baby. We hadn’t really talked in months yet she is who I NEEDED to hear at that time in my life I knew she would say the words that I needed. And she did

  3. I think Lyz is a pretty cool chick too! What an awesome tribute to your friends Heidi. Great idea to tell them (and others) how thankful you are for them. We should all do that more often!

  4. The CLAD sound like amazing peoples. I am so happy you have reunited with your blob! I wish everyone could have friends like you all.

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